Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What is BSOD: 0x00000124 Occurs when gaming.? How to Solve BSOD: 0x00000124 Occurs when gaming. Problems Efficiently?

Asked by Customers: I have attached the zip file as per the BSOD posting Instructions.

Error as it occurs and steps taken:

  • Can leave PC idle and it will not BSOD
  • Can do general browsing/surfing/video viewing w/o issue
  • Have performed Prime95 CPU stress test(ran for over an hour w/o issue)
  • Have used "Real Temp" to verify that no cores are getting overheated. (Stays between 30-45 degrees Celsius even while gaming)
  • So far the issue has only occurred when Playing games on my pc. (Games of Note include Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne)
  • BlueScreenViewer by Nirsoft has identified the faulty driver as "Hal.dll" caused by address" hal.dll+35f1f"(this address has occurred in each BSOD.

This is a brand new PC with a fresh install of Windows 10 Home Edition x64(not an upgrade).

Have installed all up to date drivers for Chipset, Audio, and Graphics card from their respective manufacturers.

Any help in solving this issue would be appreciated.

BSOD occurred an additional time. Same information from what I can gather via BluescreenViewer. Based on what little information was available online; I performed a RAM test (was shorter than I would like for 16GB worth, but it completed successfully). I then booted into BIOS and found that some voltage and other settings were manually adjusted (I didn't set this). Only thing I can figure is some of the base ASUS software I installed with the drivers changed some settings.

I have since uninstalled all unnecessary ASUS Software and changed BIOS Settings back to "Optimized Defaults". This put almost all voltage value to "Auto".

I will keep this post alive, but if I don't BSOD again by Monday I will consider it solved.

Thanks again for any help you are able to provide.
Answer: Nobody wants to see BSOD: 0x00000124 Occurs when gaming. problems while surfing online, especially when people are playing games or enjoying themselves in using computers. What should I do? Most computer users have no idea of how to fix BSOD: 0x00000124 Occurs when gaming. problems. Don't worry! Read the post below, and figure out the best way to repair BSOD: 0x00000124 Occurs when gaming. error and optimize your PC.

Using SmartPCFixer to Fix BSOD: 0x00000124 Occurs when gaming. and Optimize Your Computer:

1. Click the below Button.

2. Click "Save Files" to install the application.

3. Double click Setup files complete SmartPCFixer installation process.

4. Select Your Country.

5. Clicking the "Next" button to complete the process.

6. Click "Finish" button.

7. Launch SmartPCFixer and Run a complete scan for your computer.

Repair BSOD: 0x00000124 Occurs when gaming. Error Manually.

In fact, once you restore your system to an original version, BSOD: 0x00000124 Occurs when gaming. error will be removed with ease!

1. Click "Start", Type "System Restore" in the searching box, then choose system restore as the pictures below.

2. Click "Next", and follow the instruction to restore your PC.

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